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Tunnel Navigation NPO 242 – 033 is a Non-Profit organization that was established in February 2020 with the specific aim of creating youth facilities in and around South Africa that provide soft skills, tutor, mentorship, and leisure activities to all youth attending Schools as well as in the community that needs navigation through the tunnel of transformation.


The tunnel of transformation refers to the life changes of the youth and early adults as they transition from being a child to a teenager and from being a teenager to a young adult. These transitions put our youth at risk, as they expose themselves to the unknown while experimenting with the various options of what their new level has to offer. The transformational tunnel can be challenging for many as many get stuck in it or often die while transitioning. Our organization serves the role of mentors providing the soft skills to our youth to allow them to navigate themselves through the tunnel safely.


Even though our Tunnel Navigation focuses on youth development, We had to adjust our sails to the needs of the most vulnerable in the community. For this reason, we have decided to create our Tunnel Navigation Alleviation Campaign, which specifically focuses on social development, community development, food security, poverty alleviation, senior member support, feeding the poor, HIV/Aids Awareness, clothing for the needy and most recently Covid-19 Awareness.


Our campaign believes that every person deserves and needs to eat to survive, therefore every day counts, every donation counts, every meal brings nutrition.


It is our continuous aim to serve the needs of families within communities that needs it most, but this is all dependent on our stakeholders, donors, sponsors, and funders, volunteers. We believe that everyone is a change agent within the community they live and through the support, we can help bring relief to the most vulnerable.


We are thankful for everyone that supports us,  as well as the communities that allow us to serve them.


We welcome all that want to be part of our initiative to make contact with us on the details below.


Join us and be the difference you want to see or serve the community where you are!!




Mr. Grandle Opperman

President and CEO

Tunnel Navigation NPO 242-033

Email: gopperman@tunnelnav.org.za

Cell: 0736560526